Crafty Questions!


This is for all you crocheters and knitters out there! Hell, all crafts-people! All artisans! All drawers-s-s-s!

I thought it would be fun to do a craft meme! Feel free to reblog this, answer the questions, and keep going!

What’s your craft? If you want to answer, how old are you?

How long have you been doing it and what got you into it? If you had to rate yourself, would you say you’re a beginner? Expert? Somewhere in between? You can make up a word if you want. We’re all crafty. We’re allowed.

Do you take commissions or do it solely for fun? If you want to promote your site, now’s the time!

How many projects do you tend to have going at any given time? C’mon, fess up.

What is your favorite /medium/ to work on within your craft? (for crocheters and knitters, what yarn or other notions? For artists, what paints and pencils, etc)

What is your favorite /tool/ to work with? (favorite brand of hook or needle, favorite brand of eraser or ruler, etc)

Do you have friends who do your craft, or are you the weird one who sits in the corner in a coffee shop huddled over your work and loving it?

Have you met friends because of your craft?

What is one of the things you have made that you’re most proud of? Feel free to leave a picture!

Do you have any advice for other people who do your craft?

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get in your field? 

Have fun! Maybe I’ll go back and answer later. If you do answer, please tag your tumblr post with #craft meme

Sure, I can fill this out real quick.

1. I learned how to knit, but I like crochet a lot better. Its less stressful to me! I’m 25.

2. I’ve been crocheting seriously since March 5th. I have about two months of knitting experience (during which I finished maybe 2 projects, if that). I would say I’m still a beginner, but I enjoy challenging myself with new, different, and fun projects.

3. Once I get better, I might think about taking commissions. I don’t know though. Commissions are stressful and I might just keep my craft to gifting and personal stuff. C:

4. At the moment, I have two going. I don’t like to let too many unfinished things pile up (even though I have a gazillion hooks omg.) My stash, however? It’s becoming embarrassingly huge haha.

5. I LOVE soft sock yarn that is variegated. I have yet to make any socks out of sock yarn, and I feel like just about any accessory can be made out of it. I’m from Florida, so I like the lighter weights for things that can be worn in our mild spring and fall seasons. I also really enjoy crochet thread and embroidery thread.

6. I tend to enjoy the metal hooks the best. And I like it when the hooks have a nice sharp indent. If the indent is rounded, the yarn slips too much. I haven’t tried using wood or bone yet though.

7. I admit, I started talking about crochet a lot during the month of March and got my best friend hooked (harhar). Her stash rivals mine, and she has more projects going than I do, and we have had a tendency to get together after our 9-5 jobs and crochet and watch movies until midnight or later.

8. I have yet to meet anyone I do not know who also crochets, and strike up a friendship with them because of it. I would like to! I’m a nerdy crocheter, who spends as much time gaming as I do crafting, and I would love to meet others with the same inclination!

9. Hahaha. This crazy fuzzy boathing.

And also these hats.

10. Advice? Take a deep breath.

If you’ve found a mistake, it will probably make you feel better to frog what you’ve done and do it again right, but if you leave it, that’s okay too.

Have patience, especially when working with patterns. Take your time reading and understanding exactly what the pattern wants you to do.

Yarn that splits really sucks, but the outcome is usually worth it. Again, with the deep breath part.

It is okay to come back and finish something later, particularly if you feel like burning it at any given time. If the feeling persists, you might consider repurposing the yarn for a less stressful project.

Stashes are good! But once you have a decent-sized one, temper your craving for more yarn by telling yourself that you need to find something to make with the skeins you have. Try to set a goal, or parameters on your spending, to keep from going broke on yarn (ex: “I’ll only buy more when I’ve used up these [two] skeins”, or “I’ll buy this specifically for a gift for [this person] because the color reminds me of them”). I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but it works for me.

11. When getting into crochet, there are SO many references out there. Go to your local library and see if they have any magazines or books to loan. Scour Google for tutorial videos or gifs (I know there is a really great tumblog called, for example). The basics are super-simple to pick up and they don’t take much time to master.

That being said, be sure to take your time when practicing. You can leap right into making a king-size afghan, but don’t be surprised if the edges are a little rough. You’re going to want to practice with scraps and make swatches first. Start with a foundation chain of 10-25 stitches (to practice chaining). Turn and work that many single crochet stitches. If you don’t feel comfortable with single crochet, turn and make another row of them above that. Once you have the hang of it, turn and make a row of double crochet. And so on and so forth. Swatching is a good practice -anyway- so you can see ahead of time how a yarn will look in a finished product.

Also, thrifting for yarn is a good way to pick up cheap yarn that you can practice without worrying about making a masterpiece. I’ve found partial skeins for $.75 before. Its not going to be designer quality, but you don’t need expensive yarn to start with.

C: Good distraction for me! I like talking about crochet.



Все, что Вам потребуется для работы - это тонкая пряжа (к примеру, в составе которой - 40%-мохера и 60%-акрила), крючок №1 или №1,5, немного фантазии и начальные познания в начертательной геометрии.

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